Vegas firefighters say station infested with bed bugs

They charge that county officials are not taking their claim serious and are concerned about bringing the critters home

By Joyce Lupiani

LAS VEGAS — Local firefighters say that their fire station is infested with bed bugs and their complaints to the county have fallen on deaf ears.

Clark County officials are investigating reports that there might be bed bugs inside Fire Station 20. But firefighters who work at the station on Judson Avenue in Sunrise Manor say that there is no doubt about it. They say they have been bitten by the bugs and have been battling the problem for weeks.

Firefighters say the department hasn't dealt with it despite repeated complaints and their biggest concern is bring the bugs home and putting their families at risk. Sources say several rooms at the station are contaminated and bugs have been sent to the county's infectious disease control for testing.

Full story: Local firefighters claim station infested with bed bugs

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