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Iowa fire department gets $4K grant for power unit

A 2011 Dubuque Racing Association grant of $4,425 fully funds the power unit upgrade

The Telegraph Herald

EPWORTH, Iowa — The Epworth Community Fire Department received a grant for more than $4,000 to purchase a new power unit for operating hydraulic extrication tools.

A 2011 Dubuque Racing Association grant of $4,425 fully funds the power unit upgrade, which will provide additional power and features and will replace a unit that has served for more than 10 years, according to an Epworth Fire Department press release.

The fire department also used proceeds from recent fundraisers and donations to upgrade the cutter unit that completes the project, the release said. This upgrade was needed to keep up with advancements in vehicle and farm machinery and will be used to free victims from car accidents and other entanglements.

Including this grant, the Dubuque Racing Association has awarded more than $48,600 to the Epworth Community Fire Department over the past 10 years.

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