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StacoSwitch Announces New HeadLamp Lights for Professional Hands-Free Activities

COSTA MESA, CA - StacoSwitch now offers the HeadLamp (HL) Lights SERIES A01 designed to handle specific lighting requirements for professional demands. The HL Light Series features an array of extremely bright LED lights, a rugged water resistant or waterproof construction, and standard AA size batteries. These easy-to-wear lights can be comfortably worn on the head, attached to helmets, or clipped onto belts for completely hands-free operation.

What makes this HeadLamp stand out among its competitors?
• Extremely bright LEDs that can provide up to 144 lumens of directly focused light
• Durable, compact design for rugged deployment
• Quick activating LEDs that achieve full brightness in 1/100th of a second or less
• Do not produce any of the “humming” noises associated with incandescent or discharge lights
• Long battery life with some models lasting up to eight hours at continuous full usage
• Standard battery size

When emergencies arise, fireman, police officers, and paramedics are often the first people on the scene. They depend on their equipment to not only work, but work well. Waterproofing, extreme heat resistance and ultra-bright UV or IR LEDs make these lights the ideal choice for: law enforcement, firemen, military, forensics specialists, scuba divers, construction workers and paramedics. These HeadLamps are also ideal for personal hands-free activities such as hunting, biking, reading, and boating.

After purchasing and using a HeadLamp SERIES A01, Steve at Mt. Arlington Fire Company said, “I would just like to say that we bought the Firefighter series about one month ago, las t night we had a two story wood frame structure fully involved. The home second story level was dark and VERY HOT myself and my fellow entry team used the LEDs and it cut through the smoke and we were able to see everywhere we had went in the home, we left our hand lights outside the house at the front door the halogen lights didn’t do much except make it harder for us to advance into the home, the led unit we all had on our helmets is the best thing yet for the fire service.”

Based in Southern California, StacoSwitch has been a leading provider of Lighted Pushbutton Display Switches and Indicators, Rugged Keyboards and Keypads, Lighting and Switching Electronic Controllers, LED Products, Digital Pulse Dimmers and Tactile Feedback Touchscreen Solutions worldwide for over 40 years. StacoSwitch serves a wide variety of highly reliable switch markets from the extreme demands of U.S. military and law enforcement to extended repetitive wear conditions in commercial markets , from caustic hazardous waste environments to crucial medical instrumentation fields. StacoSwitch continues to be a leader with field proven experience in these demanding, rapidly growing global markets.

For specific inquiries or any additional questions about StacoSwitch products, please contact us: Ph 714.549.3041, Fax 714.549.0930, web site, or via email