Announcing the launch of an honest and unbiased fire protection company - ECORP Fire Protection

Lake Worth, Florida – E-CORP FIRE PROTECTION, has launched a new website, and company aimed at providing the community with an honest and unbiased Fire Protection Inspection service. Backed by over 30 years of water based fire protection experience, E-Corp Fire has seen it all.

Enrique Estrada, president and founder of E-Corp Fire Protection states, “Having worked in the Fire Protection Industry for so many years, the thing that surprises me most is the amount of fraudulent industry practices that dominate what’s supposed to be a most noble service; this industry is about saving lives and property!”
The most relevant and common practice Enrique sites indicates that there are conflicts of interest in many of the industries companies having to do with the fact that these companies do inspections, as well as repairs and installs. “It means it’s in their best interest to fail the business for which they are providing the inspection service. It’s disturbingly common.” says Enrique. “All you have to do is say it’s not to standard and must be replaced, and what business owner can even argue with that? It’s not like they know the codes.” So then what’s the solution? It’s to create a Fire Protection company that only does inspection work. This obvious answer eliminates the conflict of interest all together. For such a company it does not mean they are unable to also serve as agents that do facilitate everything from design to installation and repair. This is done by subcontracting other trusted providers. In this E-Corp Fire Protection still serves as a single source Fire Protection Company and makes the business owners life a whole lot easier and secure.


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