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Bernalillo County (New Mexico) Fire Department awards their Mobile Data System Project to VisionTEK

Bernalillo County Fire Department selects the VisionTEK’s FrontLine Mobile CAD and UNITY Messaging system

Broomfield, CO – The Bernalillo County Fire/Rescue team selects VisionTEK (! After nine years partnering with VisionTEK, Bernalillo County has expanded their mobile software user community from the Sheriff’s Department to the Sheriff’s Department AND Fire/Rescue. The joint team kicked off the project this month and plans to have the VisionTEK FrontLine Mobile Data System deployed to fire/rescue vehicles, in spring of 2009.

“This implementation is another example of customers utilizing the flexibility of VisionTEK products to cut costs while implementing leading edge technologies. By leveraging the existing server and communications assets used today by Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department, the Bernalillo County Fire Department was able to acquire a solution that fit their needs even with today’s shrinking budgets. This is another demonstration of how consortium purchases can provide key functionality while saving money,” says Aaron Swanson, VisionTEK Vice President, Business Development.

Bernalillo County Fire Department
The Bernalillo County Fire Department is the second largest Fire Department in New Mexico and is under the direction of Fire Chief, John Garcia. “As the number of calls continues to grow each year, we want to make sure our firefighters are equipped to handle this growth and this new Mobile Software from VisionTEK is one of the best tools we can give them,” says Chief Garcia.
The Department has over 215 sworn Firefighters, holding various ranks, who respond to over 13,000 calls per year with a service area of 345 square miles. They account for over 145,000 residents in the unincorporated areas of Bernalillo County with mutual aid to over 700,000 people in the Albuquerque area.

The Solution’s Positive Effect on Fire/Rescue Response
During an emergency call, there are many pieces of information that must be quickly and succinctly relayed to fire/rescue personnel. For years, call information was relayed by the dispatcher via radio communications to fire/rescue personnel. Though this has worked well, there are times when communication can breakdown and details are lost. The FrontLine Mobile Data System helps alleviate loss of information by displaying an incident’s details on easy-to-read display screens so that fire/rescue personnel can reference the incident information while driving to the scene.

About VisionTEK
VisionTEK provides software solutions to First Responder agencies of all sizes. Their mobile data system, message switching, and database integration solutions are cost effective; and are designed to conform to the changing landscape of local, regional, state, and national requirements. Their solutions enable real-time information sharing within or across jurisdictional boundaries over wireless and wired networks. VisionTEK solutions are deployed in over 200 plus First Responder agencies.

If you wish to learn more about the FrontLine Mobile Data System, UNITY Messaging and/or the Radix messaging switch please contact VisionTEK at (303) 554-8835 x271 or Visit