Free Grant Writing Service For Fire/EMS/Police Technologies Offered By Knowella Technologies Inc.


Knowella Technologies Inc. Delivering Grant Solutions For Fire/EMS/Police Technologies

Anchorage, Alaska — Knowella Technologies Inc. (KTI) announced it's free Grant Writing Service in aiding public safety entities both through government and private companies, to find solutions for technologies that usually cannot be acquired through normal funding.  With most agencies now being required or mandated to electronic reporting but had no way of funding, now have a place to turn.  What makes KTI unique is a majority of their staff have technology backgrounds, along with public safety backgrounds, including military, fire, EMS and law enforcement.  " Knowella's team consists of professionals in like fields, allowing agencies or departments  free consulting if they do not have a dedicated IT staff to help make decisions in the procurement of these new technologies.

"Taking care of the members of these agencies, is our first priority.  These agencies have a dangerous enough job, while working on very tight budgets.  The best part of procuring these technologies is, it also holds benefits by providing greater revenue.  For example, insurance companies will kick back billing if it is not correctly filled out during submission, therefore, with departments being stretched so thin errors will happen and more frequently.  Utilizing these new time saving technologies, reports are being generated during their runs and billing is basically completed once they leave the emergency department, thus allowing crews to return to service quicker.  It is not uncommon for departments that are using pen and paper to write reports adding overtime for many of these agencies, which will be greatly minimized as well through electronic reporting technologies.  But, what makes this even more enticing to a lot of the departments that we talk to, is they cant believe that this is an absolutely free service.  The best part of this program is, we are not just quoting technologies, but almost anything else departments require such as communications trailers, PICU ambulances and more. Every days challenge to provide all that our customers are needing to being more productive, efficient and safe."  according to Peggy Morton at KTI. 

  "The grant writing team that Knowella has, are the real heroes in the eyes of every employee at Knowella.  They truly believe without the team and their professionalism, their company would not be as successful as they have become. What we have also found interesting about Knowella, is the fact that they are offering a Grant Writing Class in Homer, Alaska, August 5-11, 2012.  Here they will be helping companies, departments and agencies, understand the grant writing process and the policies that many companies can implement to really increase their odds of a successful grant writing project for years to come.  For more information regarding this class go to  But grants and technology consulting is not where Knowellas professionalism ends.  In the event that an agency or department can not qualify for a grant for whatever reason, Knowella also provides other financing options, which can include leasing, fund raising and other strategies.

About Knowella Technologies, Inc.
Knowella Technologies, Inc. is a minority privately held technologies company based in Anchorage Alaska.  Through private and commercial funding Knowella has brought many products to the market for not only safety but efficiency their most recent addition includes the fishAK product to be used in the commercial fishing industry. For further information, please visit or call 1-855-Knowella (1-855-566-9355).

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