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Idaho wildland firefighters get ‘pretty rad’ off-road ambulance

The “mini” is built to access rugged terrain in remote areas


The “mini” will be stationed at the Pioneer Fire in Idaho.


IDAHO CITY, Idaho — A new off-road “mini” ambulance will provide much-needed relief to wildland firefighters working the site of Idaho’s Pioneer Fire.

The off-road mini-ambulance arrived Monday after being requested at the fire by medical unit leader Curtis Baker, who told East Idaho News he ordered the vehicle “as soon as he heard about it.”

Previously, the “mini” was used for backcountry rescues and to navigate thick crowds at public events. Now, it will be used to provide medical care and transport firefighters who are injured at the scene of the Idaho Wildfire.

“It’s the perfect resource to have,” Baker said, noting that the vehicle’s size and ruggedness allows it to navigate wildland conditions where road ambulances would struggle.

The East Idaho News reports that Idaho Falls Fire Department is trying to use the vehicle’s unique capabilities to make a statement in the world of wildland firefighting.

Baker predicts that similar off-road ambulances could become more common on remote sites.

“It’s only going to be more and more of a priority with the increased emphasis on safety and the idea that everyone goes home,” he said.

“That thing is pretty rad.”