Save Lives and Property form the Devastation of Wildfires with New Suppression Technology

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This new Fire Suppressant System is considered a stand-alone utility. It creates its own photovoltaic power stored it in its deep capacity battery reserve so it can power itself. It has its own supply of water and the ability to send a signal to a Satellite that is forwarded to a monitoring service to alert them that the system has been activated by a fire.

Once activated, the patented pumping technology creates an enormous amount of water pressure and volume that covers the entire structure and its surrounding property in a blanket of water. The pumping system is more than 2 ½ times more efficient than any other pumping system on the planet. This water will keep the structure safe form fire in at least 2 ways: first, the water will extinguish any hot ambers from landing and starting any more fires. Second, the evaporating water will act like a heat sink keeping the ambient temperature of the structure cool preventing internal combustion from occurring.

It can detect the heat of fires in several different ways using its internal computer. The owner will have the option of choosing from 20 different duty cycle settings. This allows the system to operate as efficiently as possible within the surrounding agricultural environment.

We are currently outfitting a production facility in Long Beach, California. Production will start in July, 2009. This is the first exterior fire protection system available. If you are interested in receiving information to become a distributer or retailer visit our Web site:

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