Stovetop Fire Turns Into Full-Blown Blaze; Knocked Down With Powerful FIT-5 Firefighting Technology

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RIDGE, NY -- Fire departments across the nation are about to get a whole lot busier. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), December and January are the peak months for overall home fires, the majority of which start in the kitchen. This was the case in a recent home fire in Ridge, N.Y., where what started as an unmonitored skillet on a stove turned into a full-blown blaze. The Ridge Volunteer Fire Department was able to save what could have potentially been a complete loss of a home, along with the help of its newest firefighting tool -- ARA Safety's FIT-5.

When Assistant Chief Anthony Morabito arrived to the scene, flames had already engulfed the front portion of the home, blocking windows and doorways and preventing firefighters from entering the home safely. Morabito deployed the FIT-5, which stands for Fire Interruption Technology, a handheld fire suppression device by throwing it through a living room window and into the home. Within minutes, the once roaring flames died down, allowing the crew to safely enter the home and extinguish the remaining fire. As a result, they were able to save many of the homeowner's personal belongings.

While there was still extensive damage to the kitchen where the fire originated, Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Chief John DeVito predicted an entire loss of the home had the FIT-5 not been used. Additionally, because the FIT-5 was deployed, the department used less than a thousand gallons of water to fully extinguish the blaze thus minimizing damage to the home.

"After deploying the FIT-5, one of the first things I did was tell the Hauppauge Fire Department they have to get one of these things," said Chief DeVito. "I don't know what would have happened to that home had we not had the FIT-5 in our car that day."

"The FIT-5 has once again played a crucial role in saving a home, while minimizing property damage and making firefighter's jobs safer," said Michael Gardiner, ARA Safety's Director of Marketing. "With the holiday season approaching and fires on the rise, we are proud to provide a powerful new tool for firefighters to effectively protect their communities."

This was the first time the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department deployed the FIT-5, a powerful new technology that is being credited by fire departments nationwide with suppressing fires safely and efficiently.

"Sure I was skeptical at first. It's like anything new. You have to see it work before you can judge it," said DeVito. "But now I can say I've seen it work and I highly recommend it as a new firefighting technique."

Brian Lynch, owner of US Fire Tech Corp., ARA Safety's FIT-5 dealer that provided the unit to the Ridge Volunteer Fire Department, said that he is proud to have played a role in protecting the home.

About ARA Safety
ARA Safety is a world leader in innovative fire and life safety technology. ARA Safety's revolutionary and award-winning Fire Interruption Technology (FIT) fire knock down tool is saving lives and reducing property loss in cities and towns across North America. In November 2008 ARA Safety's FIT-5 was named to Popular Science Magazine's Best of What's New Award. ARA Safety's fire and life safety technologies also include the Zero Combustion line of fire proof sprays, paints and coatings, and its world leading line of Photoluminescent products. ARA Safety's technologies have been used by NASA, the Pentagon, the United States Military and are featured prominently on the Vancouver Shangri-La. ARA Safety Inc. is based in Vancouver, Canada. To learn more about ARA Safety visit,

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