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App will track exposure data, offer easy claims verification

The IPSDI app will allow firefighters a simple way to document scene exposure, and have it available during workers’ compensation claims for occupational health conditions

IPSDI app.png

The app allows firefighter to track their exposures.


By Rachel Engel

CHANTILLY, Va. — A new smartphone app will help firefighters document exposure at fire scenes after an incident response, maintaining the information if verification for occupational cancer claims is needed later.

The National Fire Operations Reporting System (NFORS) Exposure Tracker App, developed by the International Public Safety Data Institute (IPSDI) as part of the NFORS Analytics Data system, will offer firefighters a way to track incidents and maintain an up-to-date data set of their exposure to harmful contaminants.

The app will prompt exposure questions, including the nature of the incident, presence of smoke, fire and flames, soot and other information, including the extent of on-scene decontamination and gear cleaning.

The Arizona Municipal Risk Retention Pool (AMRRP) is providing the app to its members, in hopes of removing the documentation hurdles fire service members often face when seeking health coverage for occupational health concerns.

“With this app, AMRRP member firefighters will be able to better assemble their exposure data for evaluation during any claim evaluation process,” AMRRP President Rudy Rodriguez said in a press release.

The data can be stored in the app indefinitely, and individuals will have access to their information through retirement.

“The hope is that this data is never used, but if the need arises, each firefighter will be better prepared,” Brian Jefferies, president of Arizona Professional Firefighters and a cancer survivor, said in the press release.

The app was developed through a collaborative partnership with the IAFC, Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association, IAFF, UL, NIST, Urban Institute and other fire service experts, and was grant funded through a combination of the AFG and the Ramsey Social Justice Foundation.

For more information, visit the app website.

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