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SafetyPAD announces new ePCR platform for Android

First Response presents an ePCR platform with a configurable user interface


First Response featured on the RangerX by XPLORE Technologies

OPEN Incorporated announced it will launch its First Response Android platform this fall. Designed specifically for mobile devices, the ePCR platform allows EMS teams to document, save, and share patient reports through a fully configurable user interface.

The EMS data collection system leverages a web-based portal powered on a hosted cloud network, but does not require an active wireless connection. Reports will be saved and automatically sent when service is available.

The platform is a fully user configurable Android application. First Response includes customizable template layouts, using a web-based SafetyPAD ‘Enterprise’ user interface, allowing services to emulate existing paper forms.

The web application server manages authorized access to a department’s PCR database, providing HIPAA-compliant storage of all EMS documentation.

Open Incorporated’s First Response platform is compliant with Android 4.2.2 or newer and optimized for 10-inch screens.