Safety Vision mobile video solutions help Groves Fire Department's arson investigations: as reported by CBS

The Groves Fire Department in Groves, Texas recently outfitted each of their fire trucks with Safety Vision mobile surveillance systems comprising of Safety Vision’s RouteRecorder® 4C mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), SV-LCD70B monitor, and three SV-620A rear-vision color cameras. As reported by Beaumont’s CBS affiiliated television station KFDM-TV, the Safety Vision mobile video systems are helping the fire department investigate a fire that occurred in a local shopping center on June 28.

Chief Dale Jackson with the Groves Fire Department says the Safety Vision mobile video solutions are helping the department with arson investigations; providing a wide view sight of the fire scene that the department didn’t have before the Safety Vision equipment; recording any accidents to and from the fire scene; and helping with training purposes for keeping the fire department and public safe.

The Grove Fire Department’s mobile surveillance system is supplemented with Safety Vision’s SafetyView® mobile video viewing software. SafetyView® is user-friendly software that features advanced search and export features to simplify fleet management. The software provides multiple viewing configurations of video feed from 10 cameras, mobile digital video recorder system health status, and GPS data.

Safety Vision dealer Philpott Motors in Beaumont, Texas sold and installed the onboard surveillance systems for the Groves Fire Department; the systems were acquired from grant funding.

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