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The New Elkhart Brass No-Leak 4.0” Valve: “Addressing a Problem Head On”

Elkhart Brass has solved an industry design flaw with the introduction of the new No-Leak 4.0” Valve. The previous industry design was susceptible to seal damage, which caused leakage. This led to pressure test failures at OEM builders and possible leaks after vehicle delivery to end users. Not only was this problem annoying, it could prove dangerous.

In response, Elkhart devoted a team of experienced engineers to the task of discovering a solution.


Announcing the New Elkhart Brass No-Leak 4.0” Valve!
Elkhart Brass has integrated stainless steel cams on both top and bottom of the flange so when the valve is in the open position; it is forced away from the seal during operation. This innovation preserves the seal from damage caused by contact with the valve, therefore, keeping the seal tight and able to withstand pressure and eliminating any leakage.

Every OEM can identify with customer complaints and returns. With the new Elkhart Brass No-Leak 4.0” Valve, any OEM can check one less potential problem off the list when testing and delivering a new truck.

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