Los Angeles County Fire Department Purchases Vigil Solutions’ VigilVanguard Driver Training System

San Diego, California – Vigil Solutions announced the recent purchase of the company’s VigilVanguard Driver Training System by the Los Angeles County Fire Department for each of its 22 battalions.

A unique training system designed to improve driver performance and reduce the number and severity of accidents involving fire department personnel. This highly-portable, self-contained system transforms any fire department vehicle into a mobile training platform, that is more effective and less expensive than a simulator.

VigilVanguard generates real-time video, graphs and other relevant data from the actual vehicle that the firefighter drives every day, giving trainers the ability to provide meaningful, unbiased feedback to individuals in order to promote positive changes in their driving behavior. This differs dramatically from a typical driver simulator since training occurs in real-world situations on their community roads – and the system can collect data even during fire calls. As a result, the training is 100% applicable to their jobs. Since drivers are trained in their vehicles while on shift, vehicles are left in service, eliminating the need for attending offsite training in an overtime situation, thus providing a substantial savings in personnel and overall training costs.

Los Angeles County Fire Department personnel will provide training on a per-station basis. The initial round of training will continue for the next several months.

“We are excited and honored to be working with the Los Angeles County Fire Department to implement this project,” said Vigil Solutions President Mark Anderson. “Their dedication to continuing improving and providing quality training across such a large organization is impressive.”

About Vigil Solutions
Vigil Solutions is the U.S.-based affiliate of Vigil Systems, headquartered in Australia. Based in San Diego, California, Vigil Solutions is known across industries as the leader in on-road driver training solutions. Vigil Solutions’ clients around the world have successfully implemented Vigil technology and expertise to reduce accident rates and liability.

About the Los Angeles County Fire Department
The Los Angeles County Fire Department serves 58 cities and towns, as well as unincorporated portions of Los Angeles County. More than 65 percent of the County is unincorporated and approximately 1 million people live in these areas.

The department’s Emergency Operations consist of four bureaus which contain most of the fire fighting and rescue personnel. Three of the bureaus are considered Operations Bureaus and consist of neighborhood fire stations and camps that are geographically based; the fourth bureau includes specialized teams that respond throughout the county. The three Operations Bureaus contain 22 battalions and nine field divisions.

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