Keep hydrants clear of snow and obstructions


By Mark van der Feyst

When people have hydrants in their lawn, they are inclined to decorate them or make them part of the garden. These decorations can be an obstruction that will hinder your access to the hydrant.

The same can be said about wintertime for certain parts of the country. Snow can easily bury a hydrant making it difficult to locate and use.

The same is true for tall grass around a hydrant. Most municipalities will have ordinances requiring residents to clear hydrants that are in front of their houses.

This is not always done and it is up to the fire department to ensure that all hydrants are clear and free of obstructions, clear of snow and not buried by tall grass. Using snow markers will help in locate hydrants during winter months and those in marsh areas, ditches or hidden from plain view.

The fire department can be proactive by inspecting and maintaining hydrants in their response districts.

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