Revolutionary New Device Monitors Doorbells, Phones Smoke Detectors and Alerts the Deaf and Hard of Hearing up to 2,000 Feet

Sidekick II ™ Signature Series Also Helps Institutions and Businesses Comply With the Americans With Disabilities Act

Waterford, MI – A unique product being introduced - Initially designed for people with hearing problems, as well as people who are Deaf and Deaf Blind. This product has broad and powerful applications for hotels, universities, senior living centers, cruise lines, and children of hard of hearing parents as well.

The Sidekick II ™ Signature Series, by Silent Call ® Communications of Waterford, MI, monitors doorbells, telephones, smoke detectors and fire alarms within 2,000 feet and alerts people with hearing problems that there is a visitor, phone call, or danger.

“This new generation of alerting systems is not only a life saver that offers security and assurance to people with hearing problems,” says George Elwell, President of Silent Call, “but the Sidekick II ™ Signature Series is also an important instrument to help hotels, universities, cruise lines, and senior living centers comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).”

By complying with the ADA, institutions and businesses are then able to reach out to the 30 million people in America who have a hearing loss. “One of our cruise line customers offers special cruises for people with hearing problems allowing them to target a market previously underserved, “ say Elwell.

The Sidekick II, which is to be used in conjunction with any Silent Call 418MHz transmitter, also has been a very popular tool for the expanding Baby Boomer generation committed to the care of aging parents with a hearing loss.

Another useful application is for home office use to prevent workers from being interrupted by the telephone or doorbell. Instead the worker receives a less intrusive visual or tactile alert that the doorbell or phone is ringing.

The Sidekick II also is a wonderful tool for sound sleeper because its built-in alarm can be connected to the sleeper’s mattress causing the bed to shake when the alarm goes off.

The Sidekick II Signature Series’ bright, flashing strobe and front indicator panel alerts users quickly to visitors, calls, and emergencies. If a fire or smoke alarm has a low battery, blocked path or malfunction Sidekick II notifies the user so corrective action can be taken. The monitor has a night dimming backlight display so it doesn’t interfere with sleep at night and provides alerts 24/7. “The Sidekick II can even be attached to a vibrating pad placed under the mattress to wake even the soundest sleeper,” says Elwell.

Elwell was motivated to start his business when he was trying to meet the needs of his brother-in-law who became permanently deaf at age two because of meningitis.

“One day I asked him how he would know if there was a fire in the house and he answered, ‘When I smell the smoke’,” explained Elwell. “That motivated me to create products that will produce flashing strobe lights and vibrations to alert deaf individuals to fire or smoke, a door bell or phone ringing and more. That was the beginning of SilentCall in 1987.”

In 2007 Silent Call celebrated its 20th anniversary of producing products that keep people with hearing problems safe and secure in their homes and workplace. Some devices even warn the deaf resident when someone is trying to gain access to their home.

All of Silent Call’s products carry a five year warranty. The photo cell smoke detectors are powered by a lithium battery that will last up to 10 years.

About SilentCall
SilentCall Communications provides personal communications and life enhancing systems for the deaf, deaf/blind, hard of hearing, and people out of hearing range. Since 1987, SilentCall helps individuals who are hard of hearing, deaf and deaf-blind to lead more convenient and safe lives. SilentCall also provides a life-saving tool for anyone in a noisy setting or outside their home to receive notification that someone is at their door or that their alarm detects smoke. Their entire line of expertly designed products is backed up by a five year warrantee on all new systems. For more information visit, call (800) 572 5227 (voice/tty), or email

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