Best Fire Defense LLC Launches; Unveils New Portable Fire Prevention Pump to Protect Against Wildfires

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SAN DIEGO, CA -- Best Fire Defense LLC, manufacturer of the world’s leading portable fire prevention pumps, today announced the release of its next generation pump designed to turn any body of water such as a pool, lake or storage tank, into a vital water source to fight wildfires, refill fire engines and supply homes with water during emergencies or natural disasters when water pressure is low or lost. The release coincides with the company’s official launch and introduction of its new e-commerce Web site,

“We now face the threat of wildfires year-round,” said Kian Saneii, co-founder of Best Fire Defense. “Our pump enables individuals to wet down their property with water or Class A fire retardant foam. If evacuating, our customers leave comforted by the additional benefit that firefighters could use their pump to further protect their property, despite fire hydrants having low pressure or fire engines being unavailable.”

Best Fire Defense pumps are designed to allow individuals to generate highly pressurized water in less than five minutes at 100 gallons per minute, 20 times that of a garden hose, and spray concentrated streams of water more than 70 feet. The pump easily and effectively turns water sources into virtual fire hydrants, appealing to home and business owners to wet down their property, as well as to firefighters looking to cost-effectively enhance their reach and responsiveness.

The company is operated by co-founders Saneii and Jerry Tucker, who have created the next generation of fire prevention pumps using the latest materials and mechanical technology. The pumps are made with aluminum parts, which practically eliminate the risk of breakage or corrosion, and have been engineered to eliminate vibration, preventing the pump from falling into the water source.

For more information about Best Fire Defense, please visit:, or call 1.800.563.FIRE (3473).

About Best Fire Defense LLC
Best Fire Defense is a San Diego-based, privately held company that designs, manufactures and markets the world’s leading portable fire prevention pumps. These pumps and related equipment provide enhanced firefighting capabilities to protect life and property against wildfires. Best Fire Defense pumps are powerful yet easy to use and highly reliable.

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