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Introducing the Hy-Conn Pro Edition


The new Hy-Conn Pro Edition saves firefighters valuable time at the fire scene by reducing the amount of time it takes to connect hydrants to hoses.

The Hy-Conn Pro Edition works with all major hydrant and hose diameters. The connector clamps onto hydrants in less than 3 seconds, with no threading or wrenching required. Precision engineered and tested, the Hy-Conn Pro Edition connector has been proven at 1000psi over 1000 cycles.

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About Hy-Conn

Hy-Conn is a patent pending product 11 years in the making. Elegant in design and function, the super-fast connector will save thousands of lives and millions of dollars in property.

Our product has been tested and passed at a pressure of 1,000 psi and a life cycle test of over 1,000 uses. This device can be connected to any fire hydrant without the use of adapters or tools. This device can also be used with LDH. It can come equipped with a storz connector on the outlet side of the device.

Our Home Edition is perfect for the casual gardner or serious professional. A quick push and flick of the wrist has you ready to water. Plus, you’ll impress your friends with it’s undeniable cool factor.

About the Inventor - Jeff Stroope

After graduation Jeff spent several years working as a programmer / machinist for an aircraft manufacturing company. After that Jeff started his own business manufacturing molds and dies for several companies in the central United States.

Four years ago he took the position as a supervisor at an ammunition manufacturing company. Jeff has been a member of several different fire departments with duties ranging from equipment officer, training officer, captain, and assistant chief. Currently he is a captain/training officer at an industrial fire brigade.