Unifire Launches YouTube Channel

end picture fire fighting equipment manufacturer, Unifire AB (, announced that it has launched an all-new channel on YouTube devoted to its products.

According to Unifire's Marketing Director, Roger Barrett James, "Unifire has launched its YouTube channel to allow its customers and prospects to easily and quickly view short video clips of our products without having to download them or wait for a marketing CD by mail. Numerous new customers have come to Unifire as a result of finding our unique products on the Internet. We view our new YouTube channel as another important step in our efforts to be visible and available to our customers world-wide. Over the coming months, Unifire will be working to expand its YouTube channel and to add new videos of our products, which are in production."

The YouTube channel, located at, features videos of the stainless steel Force 50™ and Force 50 Riot Control™ remote-controlled water/foam monitors, the famous Unifire V-Nozzle™, Output™ nozzles, Jetset™, APG™ (All Pressure Gun), Unifighter™, and more.

For more information contact Mr. James of Unifire at

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