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Boston firefighters experience heat-related illnesses at 5-alarm fire

Boston EMS transported five firefighters and evaluated four at the scene


Photo/Boston Fire Department

Rick Sobey
Boston Herald

BOSTON — Firefighters were battling both a 5-alarm blaze and the brutal heat on Tuesday, as they worked to knock down a fire that hit three triple-deckers in East Boston.

Five firefighters ended up being transported to the hospital by Boston EMS, as the fire and the heat and humidity took their toll. Four other firefighters were evaluated at the scene but remained at the fire.

The firefighters responded to 316 Princeton St., where smoke was seen billowing out from the triple-decker. A fourth alarm was ordered within minutes.

Then the fire grew to five alarms, with both 314 and 318 Princeton St. touched by the blaze.

“Searches have been negative, all residents are out,” Boston Fire tweeted.

The fire burned through 316 Princeton St., and the rear porches collapsed. Firefighters were battling the fire on all three floors and the two exposed buildings.

The fire department posted pictures of exhausted firefighters trying to hydrate.

Boston Fire tweeted, “All companies working hard. First few alarm companies are in need of major rehab at 5 alarm on Princeton St.”


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