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Pa. fire engineer dies due to medical emergency after call

Craley Fire Department Chief Engineer Edward Bookmyer, 60, was working on a piece of apparatus when he experienced the fatal emergency

craley fire department engineer death edward bookmyer

Photo/Craley Fire Department

Duty Death: Edward P. Bookmyer - [Wrightsville]

End of Service: 30/01/2021

Steve Marroni

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A York County firefighter died in the line of duty on Saturday.

The Craley Fire Department announced Saturday night that Edward Bookmyer, 60, who was their chief engineer, passed away.

“Ed was a dedicated and faithful servant to his family, friends and his community,” department officials wrote on their Facebook page. “He served with the Craley Fire Department for over a decade and was the first one to lend a hand when it was needed, not only at the station but if any friends needed help, as well.”

Bookmyer was working on a piece of apparatus after returning from a fire call when he had a medical emergency, ABC 27 is reporting.

“He will leave a lasting impression to all that had the privilege of knowing him throughout his amazing life,” fire officials said.

The department is located in Lower Windsor Township.


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