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Vandals desecrate Ore. firefighter memorial

Twelve brass plates bearing the names of fallen firefighters were chiseled out and stolen from the memorial, department officials say


Twelve name plates bearing the names of fallen firefighters were stolen from the David Campbell Memorial;


By FireRescue1 Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. — A Portland Fire & Rescue firefighter memorial was vandalized and a dozen brass plates featuring the names of the fallen were stolen earlier this month, KGW 8 reported.

The David Campbell Memorial, named for the famed Portland fire chief, also suffered damage to its limestone base, and the incorporated lanterns were shattered.

“It’s so incredibly painful to have that disrespect to these memorials,” PFR Lt. Sean Fogarty said. “It is a tragedy.”

In a Facebook post, the department shared the importance of the memorial:

The Memorial honors famed Fire Chief David Campbell (d. 6/26/1911) and the 75 other Portland Firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Much like the 9/11 reflecting pool in NYC, this is our place to honor those 76 Portland Firefighters who have given their lives while serving the Citizens of Portland.”

According to KGW, plans are underway to fix the memorial and expand its presence within the community.

“This is a heritage site, this isn’t just a memorial,” retired PFR firefighter Don Porth said.