Firefighter recalls aiding officer in hit-and-run crash

Sharon McIntyre was on her way to a training exercise when she stopped to help a motorcycle cop struck by a hit-and-run driver

SACRAMENTO — A firefighter-EMT spoke out about how she and several civilians helped aid an injured police officer last week.

FOX 40 reported that Sharon McIntyre was on her way to an emergency response training when she stopped to help California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Ericson, 47, who was struck by a hit-and-run driver on an interstate.

"There were no lines or boundaries involved regards to 'I don't have gloves and I'm touching blood.' Everybody was perfectly willing to do whatever they had to do and get their hands dirty," McIntyre said.

Investigators said Ericson had just been intentionally run over by Austin Scott, a man running from crimes he's accused of committing in Reno, Nev.

McIntyre said she was the highest medical authority on site, until a nurse arrived later. McIntyre coached 12 civilians to stay calm and help the situation.

"From the woman that was laying on her stomach holding the microphone on the motorcycle to talk to CHP dispatch, to the individuals who were helping stop traffic. Every single person went above and beyond," McIntyre said.

Once CHP officers arrived with medical supplies, she and the nurse helped administer an IV to help with Ericson's bleeding.

"Our job in everything we do involves a team, and we can never do it alone," McIntyre said. "I'm hoping Officer Ericson has a speedy and full recovery, back to the ability to enjoy his wedding, enjoy his family and return to CHP and get back on the motorcycle again."

Ericson, a 17-year veteran, is in critical condition but listed as stable in the intensive care unit.

Scott is facing charges of attempted murder, felony evading, assault with a deadly weapon, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of a stolen property and various other charges.

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