Top 5 firefighting videos of February 2017

The top videos of February included some helpful extrication tips and a day in the life of a firefighter

By FireRescue1 Staff

The top videos of February included a set of educational videos for firefighters and the public. Clips on how to remove auto doors, handling irate civilians and how the jaws of life are made were included. Also featured in the top videos were a day in the life of a firefighter, and a clip on why children shouldn’t be afraid of a firefighter in full turnout gear. 

1. Auto extrication: Door removal tips
Chief Ernie Rhodes, along with Chief Steve Rinehart, demonstrate auto extrication door removal using hand tools.

2. Jaws of life: How it's made
This video details the process behind manufacturing the jaws of life.

3. Helmet cam: A day in the life of a firefighter
Learn about the daily life of a working firefighter.

4. Reality Training: The irate civilian
The irrational, irate civilian situation can often be killed with kindness. And if not, as in this video, firefighters who keep their cool come out looking better and not escalating the situation from bad to worse.

5. Don't be scared of a firefighter
This video shows kids they shouldn't be scared of a firefighter in full gear during a fire.

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