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What part of fire academy training did you find most difficult?

A task that is hard for some may be easier for others; here’s what our readers had to say

No matter if you’re a rookie or seasoned firefighter, you’ll never forget your fire academy experiences.

And a task that is hard for some may be easier for others.

So we asked our Facebook fans what part of fire academy training they found most difficult. Some said they had a hard time with confined space, fear of heights, passing the written test and making their run times.

What did you find difficult? Sound off in the comment section below.

1.“As a fire instructor, the most difficult moment is when city hall passes an unfit recruit against instructors evidence and documentation.” — Scotty Tracy Owen

2.“Remaining humble. Day one at the academy I was already an 11-year veteran to the fire service and a combat veteran. I was still treated like a rookie that didn’t understand the meaning of respect, chain of command, or know a hose from an ax.” — Jason Laney

3.“Testing for my captain credentials. I have a heavy fear of heights. I spent weeks working at five stories to help overcome it to pass my test to get my bars.” — Jenny Solomon-Haase

4.“Advancing a charged 2 1/2 up five flights of stairs in over 90-degree weather.” — Trey Smith

5.“I had a hard time with confined space at first. It’s still not the easiest for me. And when we had to be tangled up for a mayday drill, I got a little worked up. I just had to realize it wasn’t real and it was a controlled environment.” — Katie Jacobs

6.“The most humbling thing was the trust drill. Raising the large extension ladder and having four of your academy mates holding ropes as you go up and over.” — Dan Rogers

7.“Ladders. I was deathly scared of ladders. Not heights, just ladders. The thought of having to climb scared me for days. But my instructors got me through it and I have been working on overcoming that fear.” — Eddie Romanchik

8.“Confined space, but I got over it mostly by the end of academy.” — Kyle Atkins

9.“Knots.” — Neenah Sangria

10.“Written tests. I never was good at those.” — Roger Sherman

11.“The Pittsburgh drill for me. The small tube caused me fits.” — Derek Milby

12.“Running. I was 45, never ran like this before, hated it, but you have to do what you have to do.” — Hervé Thomas

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