Trending topics: Why cars should never block a fire scene

It should be common knowledge not to park next to a fire hydrant or near a fire scene, but these videos remind us it's never safe to assume anything.

In this week's Trending Topics, we highlight instances where vehicles are doing just that — leaving firefighters unable to operate efficiently without some slight improvisations.

All four of these examples have one thing in common: they're a great reminder for the importance of vehicle placement. Check them out and add your thoughts below.

Fire truck shoves squad car blocking fire access

Firefighters are also forced to hit a BMW in the way, causing its front bumper to rip off.


Why cars should never park next to a fire hydrant

In this case, the car was blocking a fire hydrant in front of a fire at a marijuana grow house.


Aerial’s outrigger pierces too-close cop car

The firefighters were reportedly responding to a call about "people hanging.”

Firefighters move BMW to get kink out of hose

The driver parked his BMW in front of a hydrant firefighters needed to battle an 8-alarm blaze in East Boston.


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