What's the most unsafe act you've seen on a fireground?

Whether it's moving a live electrical wire with a pike pole or simultaneously conducting offensive and defensive fire attacks, you want to avoid all of these acts on the fireground

Fireground safety reduces injuries, close calls and fatalities.

However, there are times when we make mistakes, which are part of any job. But on the fireground, a mistake can mean the difference between life and death.

We asked our fans on Facebook the most unsafe fireground act they've seen. Here are some of their responses. Read them below to improve firefighter and fireground safety in your department.

And, if you haven't already, leave your thoughts in the comment section below. More importantly, how do we learn from these experiences to prevent them from happening on future incidents?

1."Having a firefighter go inside a building without a pack and gloves." — Tony Foster

2."Freelancing." — Rick Pumphrey

3."A police officer telling firefighters to break a window while I had a crew inside." — Cory Adelt

4."I’ve seen a captain jump off a raised aerial ladder onto a fire escape ... and the fire was in the basement." — Charles Cavnor

5."I watched a medic assist two firefighters on the roof with a small vent job." — Tyler Thompson

6."Every picture or video I see of people not wearing their PPE while doing extrication or rooftop ventilation." — Bobby Fuller

7."Not having crowd control or having the owners wanting to go back in to get their belongings." — Tom Rucker

8."An unattended live water hose in a window of a second story that an assisting fire department left. When asked who left that hose, the response from the guy who left it was: 'That's not our problem.' It turned into their problem real quick." — Roxanne Readman

9."Opposing modes from offensive and defensive simultaneously." — Ron Linstrom

10."Putting a roof crew on a roof that’s already venting out the roof." — Peter Parker

11."Working fire with no backup second line pulled." — Seth Gauby

12."Moving electric wires with a pike pole." — Virginia Duris

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