Weightlifting Colo. FF sets new Guinness World Record

With the achievement confirmed, Hygiene Fire Protection District Firefighter Dylan Miraglia is working on another challenge

By Leila Merrill

HYGIENE, Colo. —  Hygiene Fire Protection District Firefighter Dylan Miraglia set a new Guinness World Record for lifting a 193-pound atlas stone, KDVR reported.

He had to film his attempt from multiple angles and use a certified timer.

Miraglia wound up lifting the stone 194 times in one hour — lifting more than 37,000 pounds — and exceeding the previous record by about 8,000 pounds. The record was verified weeks ago.

“I was actually on shift at the station and got this email, and was like, ahh, this is awesome!” he said. 

Miraglia said that he is working toward breaking a Guinness World Record involving Turkish kettlebells and that he wants to appear in the Lifeline Puppy Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar for a second year in a row.


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