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FireRescue1 and Fire Chief Editorial Advisory Board

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The Editorial Advisory Board, composed of some of the foremost experts in the fire service, will advise editors on the most timely and relevant information and resources for firefighters and officers across both FireRescue1 and Fire Chief, as well as providing content and insight into emerging trends of note for special coverage efforts.

Wildfires, acts of violence and declining numbers in the fire service will require training, data-driven approaches to emergency response
Fire Chief
Understanding what guides firefighters’ efforts, decision making and general direction leads to improved operations, community service and safety
The FireRescue1/Fire Chief Editorial Advisory Board reflect on firefighter safety, apparatus training, and supporting each other so everyone goes home
Ensure firefighters don’t perceive guidance and coaching as a reprimand to achieve the best results in education and growth
Fire service leaders explain why inclusivity creates a stronger department and counter a common area of contention in advocating for diversity
Chief Brunacini had one mission: to make the fire service a safer, more effective and efficient operation