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Special Coverage: Reflecting Diverse Communities

A workforce made up of people with different beliefs, backgrounds and experiences contributes to improving the culture of the organization. It’s important our public safety organizations in turn reflect the experiences of the communities they serve, to promote understanding, community strength and trust.

This series seeks to explore strategies for recruiting and retaining the best quality candidates to preserve the integrity and diversity of the next generation of firefighters.

The policies presented to potential candidates define your philosophy and values with respect to diversity and hiring decisions
Promoting recruitment and retention for diversity throughout the firefighter career lifecycle helps departments achieve success today and tomorrow
If departments want to promote diversity in the fire service, they have to do more to remove the barriers preventing women from becoming firefighters
A fire department is stronger when it understands its community and reflects the diversity of the community through improved recruitment
Fire service leaders explain why inclusivity creates a stronger department and counter a common area of contention in advocating for diversity
Go beyond traditional recruiting efforts and focus on diversity when seeking volunteer firefighter recruits
A commitment to diversity and inclusion must be practiced and reaffirmed constantly in both behavior and underlying culture
To truly embrace diversity, fire service agencies need to implement change from the top down
A robust, multi-faceted recruitment strategy that celebrates diversity is essential to achieving sustainability in the fire service