Officials: Faulty equipment led to firefighter’s injury

The fire department is aware of the SCBA issues, but they must keep using them because they have no additional funds

By FireRescue1 Staff

MARION COUNTY, Miss. — A fire department’s lack of funds to replace faulty equipment was highlighted when a firefighter suffered an injury from a SCBA mask malfunction.

WJTV reported that Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department firefighters responded to a house fire, where one crew member suffered smoke inhalation.

The firefighter was treated and released on the scene, but Dewayne Stuckey, president of Tri-Community, said the injury was caused by a malfunction in the SCBA.

Stuckey said fire departments throughout the county are forced to keep using faulty equipment because they have no funding to replace them.

"Just the air packs alone would be about $150,000 for new air packs. So that gives you an idea of our challenges ... a new fire truck is about $250,000."

Stuckey said the recent injury is an example of why they need additional funding.

"We've got to have safe equipment for our firefighters ... also we've got to have safe reliable equipment for the citizens we serve to provide the best possible service we can."

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