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Calif. FD asks public to help find stolen trailer containing potentially harmful chemicals

A spokesperson for the Sacramento Fire Department said the trailer contained chemicals collected from a recent hazmat incident

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A Sacramento Fire Department trailer containing potentially hazardous chemicals was stolen between Nov. 16 and 17, 2022, from a home in the 7500 block of 19th Street.

Photo/Sacramento Fire Department

By Rosalio Ahumada
The Sacramento Bee

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The Sacramento Fire Department on Thursday asked the public to help find one of its trailers, which was stolen overnight and contains potentially harmful chemicals.

Captain Keith Wade, a spokesman for the Fire Department, said fire officials had been storing household chemicals — chemicals that can be purchased at a household goodsstore — inside the trailer. But he said the chemicals pose a hazard if inhaled.

Wade said the trailer with the chemicals inside had been parked at a home in the 7500 block of 19th Street in Sacramento’s Meadoview neighborhood, where firefighters had recently responded to a hazardous materials incident. The chemicals inside the trailer had been collected from the 19th Street home.

The trailer had been secured with multiple locks and chained to a tree, Wade said, and the property was fenced and secured by a contracted security company to keep people out. He said fire officials had been waiting for a disposal company to remove the chemicals.

The Fire Department asked residents to be on-the-lookout for the stolen 12-foot long white trailer with a black top and silver reflective stripes down both sides. The letters “CRFTA” are printed on both sides of the trailer.

Fire officials asked anyone who spots the stolen trailer to call 911 and not approach the trailer.

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