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On-demand webinar: HeartStart a way to prioritize your heart health: A vital message for first responders

Addressing the hidden dangers of cardiovascular disease

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In this webinar you will learn about HeartStart, a revolutionary cardiac and metabolic screening program, brought to you in partnership with Lexipol and developed by Sigma Tactical Wellness to address the #1 killer of active and retired first responders. Designed specifically for first responders’ heart health, HeartStart provides easy access via a mobile or website platform. This is a tool for individuals to quickly and non-invasively identify the onset of heart disease before it results in a heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular complication.

The research is clear - the risk of cardiovascular disease to first responders is too high to ignore. The average age of a first responder with their first heart attack is 46, it is 65 for civilians. Of the over 14,000 officers SIGMA tested for pre-clinical heart disease, 92% were positive and 24% of those were less than 40 years old.1

You will learn:

  • The importance of heart health for first responders
  • The risk of heart disease for first responders
  • The importance of early detection
  • Benefits of HeartStart
  • Why you should choose HeartStart


“Very good information provided about heart health.”

“Pretty astonishing research.”

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“Good discussion and information about the progression of heart disease and risk factors.”

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L - R: Mandy Nice, David Black, Ben Stone


Mandy Nice has over 18 years of experience developing and implementing national award-winning physical fitness and wellness programs that measurably improve the health, strength, quality of life and resilience of first responders. Her work has been featured in the highly esteemed International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Police Chief Magazine and the FBI National Academy Associate Magazine. She has served as an SME and professional speaker for industry-leading organizations including the U.S. BJA, National Justice Clearinghouse, National FOP and the IACP. As the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Tactical Program Manager, Mandy teamed with world-renowned subject matter experts to create educational resources that have continued to advance law enforcement wellness nationwide. Mandy is Lexipol’s Senior Strategic Wellness Director and Chair of the IACP Physical Wellness Working Group. Her greatest motivator is helping first responders optimize their health so that they can enjoy strong, rewarding careers and long, healthy retirements.

Dr. David Black is the founder of Cordico, which was acquired by Lexipol in 2020. He is a member of Lexipol’s Board of Directors and is Chief Psychologist for the California Police Chiefs Association (Wellness Committee and Executive Peer Support Team). He is also a founding Board Member of the National Sheriffs Association Psychological Services Group, Advisory Board Member of the National Police Foundation’s Center for Mass Violence Response Studies (now the National Police Institute’s Center for Targeted Violence Prevention). Dr. Black served on IACP committees establishing the guidelines for psychological fitness-for-duty examinations, psychological support standards following officer-involved shootings, and model policy guidelines for investigating officer-involved shootings and other serious incidents. He holds doctorate (Clinical Psychology) and Master’s degrees from the University of Georgia, and Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Washington. He is a frequent keynote speaker for state, national, and international conferences.

Upon graduation from the University of Arkansas, Dr. Benjamin Stone attended Exeter College of Oxford University. At Oxford, Dr. Stone developed a keen interest in cardiovascular physiology. He completed his PhD and related coursework for his medical doctorate and also coordinated research at the British Olympic Medical Institute, Oxford Nutraceuticals Group, and Cambridge University. Dr. Stone served as Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Central Arkansas, Sr. Tutor at Oxford University, and designed curriculums for the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. In 2017, Dr. Stone co-developed Sigma Tactical Wellness, an organization intent on determining the causes of and reducing the prevalence of coronary disease in law enforcement officers throughout the United States. To date, his program has screened more than 7,000 police officers and the derived data and methods are being used across the nation to save countless lives. As a well-regarded lecturer, Dr. Stone has presented data at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, Texas Chiefs Association, The FBI National Academy, and many other state, local, and federal law-enforcement agencies.