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10 more of America’s most haunted fire stations

If you know of one that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments below


Station 8 in Charleston, S.C. is known as the “ghost house.”


By FireRescue1 Staff

You’ve most likely been to a haunted house before, but what about a haunted fire station?

Now, we’re not talking about a fire station turned into a haunted house for thrills. We’re talking about paranormal activity, weird music playing in the middle of the night, a ghost – or two – making their presence known, unexplained cold air or movement of objects.

In the spirit of Halloween, we bring you 10 more of America’s most haunted fire stations courtesy of our Facebook fans. And if you know of one that didn’t make the list, let us know in the comments below.

1. Fire Department Station 6 – NORTH Charleston, S.C.

According to Facebook fan J.R. Bunch, Station 6 is believed to be haunted by a ghost named Rummy. Legend says that Rummy was killed on train tracks behind the station. Weird activity includes lights turning on and off, faucets turning on randomly and toilets flushing. Bunch said he experienced the paranormal activity once while he was asleep in a bunk room. He heard a voice saying, “Hey! That call is for you.” Thinking he was asleep while the tones went off, he jumped up and walked out of the room. As soon as he went into the fire hall, tones dropped for a fire. Bunch also claims that other firefighters kept finding the same steak knife in odd places while cleaning.

2. Fire Department Station 8 – Charleston, S.C.

Station 8 is known as the “ghost house.” According to Facebook fan Matthew Jones, lights turn on and off and things fly off beds and down the fire pole. Many firefighters, Jones says, have said they’ve been held down to the point of having trouble breathing.

3. Marlborough Fire Department Station 2 – Marlborough, Mass.

According to Facebook fan Ron Ayotte, Station 2 is said to be haunted by a ghost of a former call firefighter whose last name was Carey. One night, Ayotte was assigned to the station to fill in a spot. At the time, there were only two personnel on the engine company quartered there. A colleague he was working with was asleep in his room, but Ayotte heard the door from the apparatus floor open and the sound of footsteps coming upstairs. After hearing the footsteps, he got up and went down the hall into the kitchen. The next morning, Ayotte mentioned it to another firefighter and he said, “Oh, you met Carey.”

4. Firehouse #3 – Gary, Ind.

While responding to a fire, two firefighters were killed in a rig crash. Facebook fan Tony Buckrop said it’s legend that they now both wander the second floor of a bunk room, often waking firefighters up while they sleep. Buckrop said he’s felt as if someone was standing directly over him as he was asleep in his bed. He woke up fast, with a cold feeling one late summer night. The next morning, other firefighters started telling their own weird experiences about sleeping in the same bunk room.

5. Station 4 – Virginia Beach, Va.

Station 4 was Facebook fan Jay Sethman’s old station. When he was there in the 70s, he said he witnessed doors slamming, pillows flying and sirens going off by themselves.

6. Station #4 – Brockport, N.Y.

Facebook fan Richard Gillespie said Station #4 has a ghost, named the Lady in White. Gillespie says she’s friendly and likes to play pranks on firefighters.

7. Station #10 – Eau Claire, Wis.

Station #10, according to Facebook fan Jeff Dykes, is listed as one of the most documented haunted structures in Wisconsin. It’s actually scheduled to be demolished in the next couple of years. Many visitors, Dykes says, visit their ghost named Alex. Wonder where Alex is going to go once the station is gone?

8. Waterloo Fire Rescue – Waterloo, Wis.

Waterloo Fire Rescue, according to Facebook fan Michael Edward Hintz, has had its fair share of paranormal activity. Several years ago, Hintz said their medical director was killed in a tractor rollover. The night after the crash, Hintz was the only one at that station but could hear footsteps up and down the hall. He also said he would get woken up before the tones would drop, and the lights would come on with the tones. One morning, he said he woke up and all the kitchen cabinets were open, and he can sometimes feel his presence.

9. Lodi Fire Department – Lodi, Ohio

Facebook fan Mike Gruber said crews often joke about a possible haunting at the department. He says firefighters have heard disembodied voices so distinct that they thought someone else was there. Gruber said there are a slew of weird, unexplainable things that happen every day. Gruber said one time while he was working a 14-hour shift, he had his personal laptop set up and plugged into the wall. He stepped out shortly to talk to a resident who had a question, and when he came back his laptop was gone. The only other firefighter working, Gruber says, was with him the whole time. After looking around for his laptop, he found it in their supply room. At night, he says firefighters hear voices and doors open by themselves.

10. Main fire station – West Feliciana Parish, La.

Facebook fan Jim Weller said the main station is fairly new, but it was built on the site of a Depression-era sawmill. It’s rumored to have had a number of tragic accidents. At the station, doors open and close, sometimes slamming, Weller claims. He also said lights turn on and off randomly, and it often sounds like people are walking around in the attic.