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Hurricane Florence

Key players explain the hallmarks of the new system – and why simplicity is key
Several responders from different Haywood County departments all gave their time and talents to aid in the hurricane preparation and response effort
About 6,000 to 8,000 people were alerted to be prepared to evacuate potential flood zones ahead of a “record event” of up to 10 feet of flooding
The death toll attributed to Florence stands at four Saturday, all in North Carolina
Know and understand these five important safety tips to be taken when working in a post-hurricane environment
More than 60 people had to be pulled from a collapsing motel at the height of the storm, and many more who defied evacuation orders were hoping to be rescued
The organization reminded fire departments to be “disciplined” in their response and “ready and available to local communities”
Responders from California, Indiana, New Hampshire and Colorado are heading to the East Coast to assist in any needed rescue efforts
As the Category 4 hurricane barrels toward the East Coast, thousands of first responders are preparing for what could be a disastrous aftermath
Proper PPE and cleaning measures are necessary to protect firefighters wading through chemicals, biological biohazards and disease-causing microorganisms