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Mutual Aid

New contract would relinquish sovereign immunity for San Diego County tribal fire departments
Crews from eight fire departments responded to the explosion in Hillsboro
Piles at the Penn Township facility cover more than 670,000 square feet
Fergus Falls firefighters were assisted by mutual aid departments in protecting the wooden main elevator
Firefighters from five FDs responded to a long-fought fire in Decherd
A gas explosion collapsed part of a multi-family structure in Wappingers Falls
Firefighters worked for several hours fighting a fire in a 16,700-square-foot home in Bloomfield Hills
The fire in Solvay sent up a large plume of orange-colored smoke seen for miles
A lack of hydrants and an apparatus problem hindered firefighting efforts in East Windsor
Two firefighters were injured when an explosion leveled one home and damaged several others
Firefighters from several departments used defensive operations during a commercial structure fire in Wayland
Firefighters from three departments worked to protect exposures at the Gogebic County Fairgrounds blaze
Lemon Grove firefighters arrived to find the house and a detached garage burning
The overnight blaze in Oxford was fought by firefighter from two states
Smoke from the Tissue Depot fire in Cheboygan could be seen for miles