iCHIEFS Podcast: The 100-day plan: Succeeding as a new fire chief

Chiefs Butler and Yancey share their experiences and resources for navigating the early days of being a new chief

Your first 100 days as fire chief are a critical time to make a positive impression and to lay a meaningful foundation for the future. Having a 100-day plan before you take over is the first step to being successful.

In Episode 3 of the iCHIEFS Podcast, “The 100-Day Plan: Succeeding as a new Fire Chief,” Fire Chiefs John Butler of the Fairfax County (Virginia) Fire and Rescue Department and Al Yancey, Jr., of the Minooka (Illinois) Fire Protection District share their personal experiences and resources available to help for new chiefs successfully navigate their first 100 days. Topics addressed include:

  • Identifying and aligning political, administrative and operational expectations
  • Making sure your first impression is a foundational building block for the future
  • Laying the groundwork for a sustainable and enhanced vision for the organization
  • Understanding the acceleration of change and ensuring things can be absorbed
  • Dealing with cultural challenges within the organization

Chief Yancy also previews a new guide for new chiefs taking the reins of an entire organization. The guide approaches the transition in a format of incident command and the first 100 days method. The guide will be released on Aug. 8 at Fire-Rescue International in Atlanta.

The monthly iCHIEFS Podcast features co-hosts Tom Jenkins and Sheldon Gilbert discussing hot button issues with leaders in the fire and emergency services. Jenkins is the fire chief in Rogers, Arkansas, and the 2017-2018 IAFC president. Gilbert is the CEO of Emergency Services Consulting International (ESCI).

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