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German firefighters cut through weight to free man’s penis

It took three hours, a grinder, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic rescue device to free a man’ penis that was stuck in the weight

By FireRescue1 Staff

WORMS, Germany — Firefighters in Germany warned against the dangers of sticking sensitive body parts in gym weights after they spent three hours removing a man’s penis from one.

FOX LA reported that firefighters were called to the hospital to help a man whose penis was stuck in the hole of a 5.5 pound weight at a gym. They broke the weight into five parts with a grinder, a vibrating saw and a hydraulic device over a three-hour span in order to set the man free.

The fire department posted a photo of the demolished gym weight on Facebook, calling it a “curious training accident.”

They used the photo to not only highlight how delicate their firefighters can be, but it also came with a warning: “Please do not imitate such actions!”