Chief Jim Keiken: ‘You have to periodically reinvent yourself’

The IFSI director – who is also responsible for unleashing Zam on the world – highlights how to stay engaged and current in your learning

It all comes full circle on this episode of the podcast, as we are joined by IFSI Director Jim Keiken, the man ultimately responsible for unleashing Zam on the fire service. Keiken hired Zam at the Madison (Wisconsin) Fire Department – just one example of his ability to mentor new firefighters and set them up for success. Following his time in Madison, Keiken embraced a great “second career” with the Illinois Fire Service Institute, where he continues to support firefighters from across the country through research, training and leadership development.

We dig into all of this:

  • IFSI’s newest programs that are helping develop the next set of fire service leaders
  • How to motivate firefighters who find themselves in a lull in their career
  • Why we can’t give up on the younger generation of firefighters
  • Keiken’s memories of Zam’s early days in the fire department

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