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‘Make THIS place better’: Kris Kazian’s advice to frustrated firefighters

The chief urges firefighters to quit wishing for a better situation and take action to develop future leaders

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It’s easy to sit around the kitchen table complaining about your agency’s lack of leadership or what you’ve heard about how much better it is at some other department. But when faced with a bad situation, you do have a choice. On this week’s Better Every Shift podcast, Chief Kris Kazian urges members to take action to lead up, foster a positive environment, and develop the future leaders of the department.

We dig into all of this:

  • Showing vulnerability to your members;
  • The Q12 survey gauge employee engagement;
  • Personal “safety valves” for member “safe spaces”; and
  • The power of grace in the fire service – and life.

Plus, don’t miss Kazian’s “auctioneer mode” hot seat answer.

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