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Atlanta bill would cover responders injured when responding to emergencies off-duty

A council member was inspired by FF-medic Lt. Mark Quick who stopped to help at a car crash and was severely hurt


Photo/Atlanta Fire Rescue Department

By Leila Merrill

ATLANTA — City Councilmember Andrea L. Boone introduced legislation that seeks to protect first responders who get hurt while responding to emergencies while off-duty.

Boone worked with the Atlanta Firefighters Association and introduced the bill Monday.

“In terms of eligibility requirements, it is clear our firefighters are being shortchanged, and it is my priority for all those eligible to receive benefits,” she said.

The impetus for the proposed ordinance was the case of Lt. Mark Quick, an Atlanta firefighter and paramedic who stopped to help at a car crash while off-duty in January.

Quick was hit by a car and severely injured in the process but was ineligible for workers’ compensation or extended pay leave because he was not on duty at the time of the incident.

The legislation was referred to the Public Safety Legal Administration and Finance/Executive committees for consideration.