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‘Crawl. Walk. Run’: Andy Beck details smart mayday training

The training officer explains the physiological response during a mayday incident and why training that’s too difficult can build problematic habits

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“Perfect practice makes automatic” is the key takeaway from this mayday training-focused episode, sponsored by L3Harris. Mandan City (N.D.) Training Officer Andy Beck unpacks his latest article, which is featured in FireRescue1’s latest digital edition, The Mayday Training Evolution, and offers several tips for how to train on mayday situations that are realistic enough to build muscle memory but not so difficult that members repeatedly fail, building bad habits.

Plus, we get into all this:

  • The body’s physiological response during mayday incidents
  • Yoga breathing vs. tactical breathing
  • Beck’s favorite mayday training props

What else

  • Don’t miss: The story of the ranger, his sidearm and a football game.
  • Episode power quote: In the fire service, “You don’t really ever have to completely grow up, and because of that, it’s a collection of some of the smartest people that just don’t have regular jobs.”
  • Hot seat sneak peek: His desert island movies.

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