Digital Edition: The Mayday Training Evolution

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"Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!" While no one wants to hear these words on the fireground, everyone must be prepared to respond when that transmission hits the airwaves. 

The success of last year's "Your Mayday Survival Guide" special coverage series highlighted the demand for even more mayday resources geared toward firefighters of all ranks. As such, in this latest series, we transition from operational efforts to the evolution of mayday training, from building a culture of mayday training to designing rookie-, basic-, and advanced-level drills.

Included in this digital edition: 

  • Developing a culture of mayday training within your department
  • How to introduce new members to mayday training
  • Practice makes automatic: Simple mayday training to instill good habits
  • Advanced RIT training: Remix your drills
  • 'Pop quiz, hotshot!': Is your portable radio up to the task?

Use these resources to level-up your own mayday training KSAs, then make sure to read the knowledge with your team.

And check out the full Mayday Training Evolution series here.

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