Photo of the Week: Ohio FFs give back to mental health advocate

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This week's Photo of the Week comes from the Columbus (Ohio) Division of Fire, showing the reaction of Social Worker Kay Werk after firefighters worked for weeks to renovate her home to be more wheelchair-accessible. 

Werk helped develop the fire division's Critical Incident Stress Management program following the line-of-duty death of Firefighter John Nance in 1987, and served for years as a mental health professional supporting firefighters after traumatic incidents. Werk has used a wheelchair after a serious stroke left her with limited use of her left arm and leg 10 years ago. 

After firefighters responded to a fall at Werk's home in November, they used the two months she was away from home receiving treatment for a fracture and COVID-19 to work on the house, making it safer and easier to get around.

When Werk returned home from a rehab facility, firefighters gave her a tour of the renovated house.

"Firefighters know how to help one another. What is so astonishing about firefighters is the number [of] different skills they have; electrician, plumber, painter and carpentry. Not just putting wet stuff on the red stuff," Werk said. "But the end result is always the product of cooperating. Together they are so much more than just one or two of them." 

Read the full story of the renovations on the Columbus Fire Division's Facebook page

Photo/Columbus Division of Fire
Photo/Columbus Division of Fire
Photo/Columbus Division of Fire


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