Does your department have a Baby Box available for newborn surrender?

FireRescue1 Poll Results: Jan 12, 2023 - Jan 25, 2023

Yes, our department has a Baby Box available for the community to utilize. 14 %
No, though legal in our state, our department does not have a Baby Box. 44 %
No, Baby Boxes are not approved for use in our state. 42 %
Total 77

A recent episode of "Chicago Fire" was criticized after it implied that the department, and the state, utilized Baby Boxes, which are used in some states. The boxes are temperature controlled and allow parents to anonymously surrender their newborn at certain places, such as fire departments and other public safety organizations. 

“The scene concerns us because it’s not realistic. We just don’t do that here. The law is not written that way,” Larry Langford, spokesman for the Fire Department said Friday. “And we understand that a lot of the TV show is fictionalized and it’s loosely based on us. But we prefer they not do something that may cause someone to misunderstand, misinterpret and do something that might be detrimental to an infant.”

Does your department have a Baby Box? Take our latest poll above. 

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