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The promotion topic covers all things related to moving up the ladder in your firefighting career, transitioning to fire officer and becoming a leader in your department. Brush up on what you’ll need to pass your next promotion exam, understand your role as a company officer, prepare for the new responsibilities and realities of a chief position and learn to foster growth and leadership skills in your members that will make them successful as they rise up the ranks.

Devin Flannery shares his experience with the company officer to chief officer transition
Developing systems and processes that support excellence ultimately drives effective leadership and fire department success
Plan for your next promotion by taking charge of your training, experience and your understanding of the testing process
Lt. Samod Rankins said he is “happy to be back,” but also is continuing his suit against New Haven
New Haven Lt. Samod Rankins alleges discrimination based on race and disability
Among a sea of strong candidates, how does an aspiring company or chief officer stand out?
Coming to terms with what changes – and why – through the course of promotions and increased responsibilities
“Everybody is smashed down here in the bottom half of the pay range,” said Webb Smith, a now-former Marietta member
The state also announced that it will not score the September police promotional exam
Acting Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said Russo “mentored many new EMTs and paramedics, cared deeply for the communities she served, and set an incredible example”
Before you start checking boxes, focus first on building your team and fostering crew cohesion
Eileen Parlato claims that the East Haven Fire Department has a long history of sexism and that the chief targeted her
The court will reconvene on July 13 to determine which departments may be released next
After about a year as chief of fire operations, John J. Hodgens rises to the highest-ranking uniformed position