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Calif. firefighters rescue 18 people stranded on island during storm

The Ventura County Fire Department crewmembers used a helicopter and a ladder to help the residents of an encampment



By Don Sweeney
The Charlotte Observer

VENTUREA COUNTY, Calif. — Firefighters rescued 18 people stranded on an island in the swollen Ventura River as storms continue to soak California, officials reported.

One person rescued suffered minor injuries Monday, Jan. 9, the Ventura County Fire Department reported on Twitter.

Seven people were rescued by ladder, seven by helicopter and four more walked out with firefighters, the post said.

A video posted with the report shows firefighters helping people climb a ladder onto a bridge over the river as floodwaters swirl around their feet.

The people were living in a homeless camp on an island in the river, KTLA reported.

An “atmospheric river” has slammed California with a series of intense storms bringing high winds and heavy rain.

The storms have killed at least 14 people, flooded streets, downed trees, forced evacuations and cut power to tens of thousands of people in recent days.

Ventura County is about 60 miles west of Los Angeles along the California coast.

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