Cop in a tree reminds us that we need each other

Amusing because it ended well, the story shows that police and fire are on the same team

Editor's note: Chief Adam K. Thiel enjoys the humor behind FDNY rescuing a LEO from a tree and reflects on just how much we all depend on one another out in the street.

I'm not sure I would believe this story if someone told me about it. We've probably all heard that old firefighter saying: "When people get in trouble they call the police (or sheriff), but when the police get in trouble they call the fire department." In this case, apparently, it was true!

Seriously though, major kudos to the NYPD officer and his partner for recognizing that he — trying to do the right thing, by the way — had gotten into a precarious position and making what must have been a very difficult radio call for help. I'm glad that he didn't, to avoid an embarrassing situation, try to climb down and get injured, or worse — 30 feet up is no joke.

And, of course, a "job well done" to the FDNY for making the double rescue.

While we can chuckle about this incident, if you're like me you've probably had plenty of occasions where one of our law enforcement partners has saved your ________ (fill-in-the-blank). I can recall many times when there's nothing I wanted more than seeing blue lights on the horizon; and our brothers and sisters in blue, brown, or gray jumped right in (often literally) to help us out.

I know that we don't always see eye-to-eye with our law enforcement counterparts (and vice versa), but the fact remains that we — along with our other response partners — are all out there in the street, depending on each other, and doing whatever needs to be done to serve our citizens together.

So, have a quick laugh at this story and then go say "thank you" to the nearest cop, deputy, trooper, special agent, inspector, constable, ranger, etc.

Stay safe and happy Police Week.

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