Firefighters rescue Ga. woman from trash compactor

Woman became trapped trying to retrieve her cell phone, firefighters worked for hours to free her

DUNWOODY, Ga — A Dunwoody woman had to be rescued Sunday after getting trapped inside a trash chute at her apartment complex. Rescue crews were called to the Gables Metropolitan Apartments just after 8 a.m.

Amanda Still, 19, said she was throwing away trash when she accidentally threw her phone down the chute, too. "I tried to get it out with a broom and then it didn't (work), so then I saw the phone, it was right there, I never would have fallen in," Still said.  "Well, I had flip flops on, so (I) slipped and I went all the way down."

Still was with a friend, who immediately called 911.  But even after rescuers arrived at the apartment complex, she was stuck in the chute for hours.

Full Story: Firefighters rescue Dunwoody woman from trash chute

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