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Md. firefighters rescue 2 children from river

Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services pulled two girls clinging to a log in the Patapsco River

Sarah Meehan
The Baltimore Sun

Howard County firefighters pulled two girls from the Patapsco River Friday afternoon, according to the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services.

Paramedics, firefighters and special operations personnel responded to the end of Treys Lane in Ellicott City just after 5 p.m. for a report of two children clinging to a log in the Patapsco River.

Firefighters threw ropes to the girls, who were trapped in swift water, entered the river and rescued them.

Both girls were treated by paramedics at the scene and released to their parents, according to the fire department.

The Patapsco River and its tributary streams have caused two deadly floods in downtown Ellicott City during the past several years.[0]=68.ARDPI1FEbq4zp_n2LhIMsEpmiB9Ch6jvvpHnIbYHOq4xjW29FDNB_WZNBbStHhdcKFqd13xeh96u8ZCOZUNzpIp9wWmQkYPMesvPyp5e7d3G1Hjb0pi1TMZw5ap_55XFMhyIlkMGWwb2tQ6OHH4VT4-aUFZ3HVk8oQffWUO1KTxBLkI32fpjg3_qYUM-ltPxDqHF-JEDATKu-rZL2pcbZjCsKMV5_1sgS72UYJTB0kBQwYrQNuupOcD5AAUOFxFZktCdQYfIUEageNAtvCKwif7uqMy5_btJmwE8jQUqAYTs2Uzkct8qDneKSYMBmS4NaRe8xUflW1Gaz25h9pMUyQ&__tn__=-R


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